1. Remembering The Foothill Club on Cherry in Signal Hill, LB’s honky-tonk turned salsa venue. RIP 1955?-2000

  2. Foesum was the short-lived hip-hop collective with T-Dubb, MNMsta, DJ Glaze and Wayniac from the Twinz. DJ Glaze was one of the early Pinoy turntablists, too, and reps the Filipino influence in the West Coast sound. 

  3. North Long Beach represent. 

    Ugly Duckling—“Everybody Come On”

  4. Secret Hate from Long Beach, CA, one of the only hardcore punk bands from the early 80s to have black members. They got their start sharing practice space with the Minutemen and it’s no wonder the San Pedro trio took a liking to them—listen to these drums! 

    No two songs sound the same, either. Such a lost gem of the era. 


  5. "U.D.: Secret Hate was an integral part of the early Long Beach punk scene. How does the scene differ today?
    BD: Chain wallets.
    MD: Long Beach was in between the O.C. scene & L.A., we had no clubs so we had to d.i.y., it’s not as tight knit today but people seem to be getting along…
    RS: There’s more of us today.
    BS: There is more trash, and less natural beauty, people still try to act really tough for no reason.
    KR: I wish I could tell you about the scene in L.B. today. Lots of new bands, cliques, etc., etc. I’m jazzed whenever I hear a band outta L.B., Secret Hate, out of necessity is a bit detached from it all, which is not always a bad thing."

    Secret Hate members in an interview after re-forming in 1998. 

    Read more here…

  7. The band better known as “Long Beach All Day”

    [note: stomach tattoo]

  8. The Killingtons—“The Best I Know”

    Filmed on and around 4th St. in Long Beach, CA

  9. La primera dama del corrido

    (Source: thesarahbennett)

  10. The Riveras (as well as their record label) were all Long Beach based.